Rua Voluntários da Pátria 31A
Botafogo - rio de janeiro
There are 12 rotating tap beers in a super nice atmosphere in the heart of Botafogo, very close to the subway.
Telefone: (21) 3269-6447

working hours

  • monday
  • tuesday
  • wednesday
  • thursday
  • friday
  • saturday
  • Sunday
  • 11H30 - 15H
  • 11H30 - 15H / 18H - 00H
  • 11H30 - 15H / 18H - 00H
  • 11H30 - 15H / 17H - 01H
  • 11H30 - 15H / 17H - 01H
  • 17H - 01H
  • 15H - 22H

the first one we never forget.

Since we 3 started 3Cariocas, we dreamed in opening a bar of our own. The idea behind this step was to go beyond just selling our creations.

We wanted a place where we could pass on to our consumers the 3C culture, which coupled with our products, would make it a comfortable place to be. An atmosphere that would show the lightness of the brewery, from the architecture to the service.

An environment that provides the meeting of people who have the same tune and identify with the brewery. After years of ambition, courage and confidence, we have succeeded in transforming the dream into reality.



half pint / pint / taster
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half pint / pint / taster
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half pint / pint / taster
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reserva 200918

iso / taster
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Lagos Hop Lager

half pint / pint / taster
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Peça pelo Rappi

Ter-Qua 18h as 23h / Qui-Sab 18h as 1h / Dom 15h às 21h
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